The Reivers

The Reivers PDF

Author: Alistair Moffat

Publisher: Birlinn

Published: 2011-07-01

Total Pages: 413

ISBN-13: 085790115X


From the early fourteenth century to the end of the sixteenth, the Anglo-Scottish borderlands witnessed one of the most intense periods of warfare and disorder ever seen in modern Europe. As a consequence of near-constant conflict between England and Scotland, Borderers suffered at the hands of marauding armies, who ravaged the land, destroying crops, slaughtering cattle, burning settlements and killing indiscriminately. Forced by extreme circumstances, many Borderers took to reiving to ensure the survival of their families and communities, and for the best part of 300 years, countless raiding parties made their way over the border. The story of the Reivers is one of survival, stealth, treachery, ingenuity and deceit, expertly brought to life in Alistair Moffat's acclaimed book.

A Dish of Spurs

A Dish of Spurs PDF

Author: Robert Low

Publisher: Canelo

Published: 2020-04-02

Total Pages: 476

ISBN-13: 1788639545


In the space between nations, nothing is out of bounds. A dark, brutal, and unforgettable historical thriller from the author ofThe Oathsworn Series. 1542. For centuries the Scottish and English borders were known as the Debatable Lands: wild, lawless, and the province of reivers, tight-knit robber families that roamed and pillaged the remote passes without fear . . . Fifteen-year-old Mintie Henderson has just seen her father murdered. With the Scottish King newly dead and an army of hired reivers on the march, justice is in short supply. Then she comes across Batty Coalhouse: one-armed and hard as nails. Together they will set out on a journey of revenge. But they are soon caught up in something bigger, a tale of Mary Queen of Scots and King Henry VIII. Stuck in the heart of a tempest, they know only one way to get out alive . . . Fight. Praise for the novels of Rob Low “A company of warriors, desperate battles, an enthralling read.” —Bernard Cornwell, New York Times–bestselling author “Low mixes history, archeology, mythology and nonstop, often-sanguinary action into a fast-moving adventure tale.” —Publishers Weekly “An epic tale of hardship, triumph, betrayal and brotherhood.” —S. J. A. Turney, author of Marius’ Mules XV: The Ides of March

Border Reiver 1513–1603

Border Reiver 1513–1603 PDF

Author: Keith Durham

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Published: 2012-04-20

Total Pages: 138

ISBN-13: 1780966431


Stretching from the North Sea to the Solway Firth, the Border region has a sharply diverse landscape and was a battleground for over 300 years as the English and Scottish monarchs encouraged their subjects to conduct raids across their respective borders. This Warrior title will detail how this narrow strip of land influenced the Borderer's way of life in times of war. Covering every aspect of militant life, from the choice of weapons and armour to the building of fortified houses, this book gives the readers a chance to understand what it must have been like to live life in a late-medieval war zone.

The Reiver

The Reiver PDF

Author: Mike Routledge

Publisher: Matador

Published: 2021-01-28

Total Pages: 288

ISBN-13: 9781838595272


Woven around true events, an adventure story based in Carlisle and the Borders during the Great War. The story of an ageing Border Reiver's last raid before peace descends on the Borders until, with the coming of war, a new raider emerges whose acts of violence and terror leave a new generation of families 'bereaved'.

The Border Reivers

The Border Reivers PDF

Author: Keith Durham

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Published: 2000-04-25

Total Pages: 0

ISBN-13: 9781841761268


From the 13th century until early in the 17th century, the Border Marches of England and Scotland were torn by a vicious and almost continuous cycle of raid, reprisal and blood feud. The Border Reiver was a professional cattle thief, a guerilla soldier skilled at raiding, tracking and ambush, and a well organized "gangster." Including eight superb full page color plates by Angus McBride, as well as numerous other illustrations, this text by Keith Durham explores the colorful history of these remarkable people.

The Steel Bonnets

The Steel Bonnets PDF

Author: George MacDonald Fraser

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Published: 2012-06-28

Total Pages: 428

ISBN-13: 0007474288


From the author of the famous ‘Flashman Papers’ and the ‘Private McAuslan’ stories.



Author: William Faulkner

Publisher: Alien Ebooks

Published: 2023-06-21

Total Pages: 257

ISBN-13: 1667626264


To reveal too much of the plot would be a discourtesy to the reader, for this is a book which moves on the wheels of breathless suspense. It may be said, however, that one day in 1905 eleven-year-old Lucius Priest—certain to become one of the most cherished striplings in literature—“borrowed” his grandfather’s automobile, with the tacit connivance of two older friends: the part-Indian Boon Hogganbeck and Ned William McCaslin, a Negro. In that nostalgic day, their ensuing expedition in the car from Jefferson, Mississippi to Memphis called for the fearless hardihood of pioneers. The account of the heroic trio’s journey is as exciting as it is hilarious—but it is just a pale prelude to the adventures that await them in Memphis.

Cycling the Reivers Route

Cycling the Reivers Route PDF

Author: Rachel Crolla

Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited

Published: 2021-07-15

Total Pages: 129

ISBN-13: 1783627212


As the wildest of the northern coast-to-coast cycle routes, the Reivers Route explores the rich Border Reiving history of northern England and the Scottish Borders. Travelling 173 mile (280km) from Whitehaven to Tynemouth, this four-day cycle tour takes in the Cumbrian coast, northern Lake District, Northumberland National Park and North Tynedale, offering memorable off-road cycling through Kershope Forest and around Kielder Water. The route offers both on and off-road cycling, and is suitable for cyclists using touring or hybrid bikes. Places to stay overnight include Carlisle, Bailey Mill and Bellingham. The guidebook also offers the Borderers Ride, an alternative coast-to-coast ride along the England-Scotland border from Gretna to Berwick-upon-Tweed. This route joins up the fantastic middle section of the Reivers Route with a route heading north via Wooler and the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to finish at Berwick-upon-Tweed. Whether on the Reivers Route or the Borderers Ride, these cycle tours offer exceptional cycling on gated roads and quiet cycle paths as they explore rolling hillsides, remote forests and plenty of historic sites. This guidebook provides everything you need to enjoy a successful cycle tour on the Reivers Route or Borderers Ride. Each stage includes detailed 1:100,000 mapping, profiles and comprehensive route description containing insights into points of interest along the way. The introduction offers plenty of information about the area's history, as well as practical advice about suitable bikes, equipment, and transport to and from the route. The appendices feature useful contacts for bike shops and available accommodation.

Faulkner’s Reception of Apuleius’ The Golden Ass in The Reivers

Faulkner’s Reception of Apuleius’ The Golden Ass in The Reivers PDF

Author: Vernon L. Provencal

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Published: 2020-07-09

Total Pages: 232

ISBN-13: 1350006009


Faulkner's final novel, The Reivers, has been gently dismissed by scholars and critics as no more than its subtitle claims, A Reminiscence. Although the new millennium has seen a new appreciation for Faulkner's later novels, The Reivers is still perceived as a slightly fictionalized comic memoir romanticizing the early life of the author in the pre-civil rights American South. This volume takes this dismissal of The Reivers to task for failing to appreciate its employment of the Apuleian narrative of life-altering metamorphosis to offer, as his literary farewell, hope for humanity's self-redemption. Vernon L. Provencal studies the reception of The Golden Ass in The Reivers as comic novels of moral katabasis (wilful descent into the lawless underworld) and providential anabasis (societal and spiritual redemption). As the independent basis of the reception study, The Reivers receives its first ever detailed reading, while The Golden Ass is read anew from the teleological perspective offered by the (undervalued) prophecy that in the end the comic hero would become the book itself.