The Light of Eternal Spring

The Light of Eternal Spring PDF

Author: Angel Di Zhang

Publisher: Random House Canada

Published: 2023-04-25

Total Pages: 201

ISBN-13: 1039004512


Angel Di Zhang's intensely cinematic debut novel travels from the streets of New York City to northeast China, on the trail of a young photographer who needs to reconcile with her dead mother before she is able to see the world again. Amy Hilton, born Wu Aimee in the tiny Chinese village of Eternal Spring, has been living and working as a photographer in New York City for so long she’s started to dream in English. When in the fall of 1999 she receives a letter from her sister, written in her birth tongue of Manchu, she needs to take it to a Chinatown produce vendor to get it translated. And so it is this stranger who tells Amy that her mother has died of a broken heart. Amy blames herself. How could she not? Her mother has never recovered from her oldest daughter leaving her, first for school, then to pursue her art, and finally to marry a white man. Vowing to be there for her mother in death as she hasn't been in life, she books a flight to China. Haunted by the folk stories her mother told her about a shaman's journey to the underworld to retrieve her child, Amy undertakes a quest that strips away all the elements of her new identity, leaving her ready to make amends. But when she finally reunites with her family, things are far different than she remembers, and her loved ones are less than thrilled to welcome their prodigal daughter home. Interwoven with indelible scenes from Amy's childhood, The Light of Eternal Spring is a tenderly told story about leaving home and returning again, and about forgetting where you come from until you can't forget any longer. Blending playful magical realism with the family balancing acts all immigrants and artists know so well, Angel Di Zhang creates a nuanced portrait of family lost and family found, of the transformative power of art, and of the need to transform yourself in order to make art that's true.

The Eternal Spring

The Eternal Spring PDF

Author: Phillip MacArthur

Publisher: WestBow Press

Published: 2020-11-19

Total Pages: 40

ISBN-13: 1664209085


"The Eternal Spring" is a short, poetic story for children, but its lesson certainly wouldn't be lost on adults too. It is about the miraculous nature of creation, the joy it brings, and how it inspires us to praise God. Things take a turn, however, when just one person decides that he knows better. It's a somewhat sombre tale, but it is meant to inspire people's faith and hope in God.



Author: Richard Alan Ruof

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Published: 2006-09-21

Total Pages: 156

ISBN-13: 1467078328


The poems in Departure of the Blossoms continue the narrative of Return of the Martyrs, as three martyrs return after four centuries to view modern society and to rejoin those from whom they were separated. In their experiences they discover the dissolution of marriage and family, the state of normless society, and the switch of priority from love to material wealth. Once more they witness that rulers, opinion makers, and commerce impose upon a nation the values of a few elites. However, the process is thorough, widespread, and rapidly advancing in modern society. The ultimate effect of the poems is to compare the eternal with the momentary and to challenge the reader to consider the loss of the higher identity. In spontaneous ways the poems assert that love is eternal, reconciled by divine compassion and renewed in the afterlife. They ask: will an essential capability of human nature eventually be lost? The story that pervades the poems was given to the author to warn that the desire for personal gain, position, and power of peoples and nations needs to be placed second to the cause of relieving pain and sorrow. For this concern is of an eternal nature, as is the human spirit.

City of Eternal Spring

City of Eternal Spring PDF

Author: Afaa Michael Weaver

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

Published: 2014-10-31

Total Pages: 64

ISBN-13: 0822980304


Winner of the 2015 Phillis Wheatley Book Award (poetry category) This is the final book in the Plum Flower Trilogy by Afaa Michael Weaver, published by the University of Pittsburgh Press. The two earlier books, The Plum Flower Dance: Poems 1985 to 2005 and The Government of Nature, reveal similar themes that address the author’s personal experience with childhood abuse through the context of Daoist renderings of nature as a metaphor for the human body, with an eye to recovery and forgiveness in a very eclectic spiritual life. City of Eternal Spring chronicles Weaver’s travels abroad in Taiwan and China, as well as showing the limits of cultural influence.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories PDF

Author: Robin Wickens

Publisher: Rob's Books

Published: 2024-04-12

Total Pages: 215



In the enchanting world of "Bedtime Stories," imagination knows no bounds and dreams come to life on every page. Journey through a magical realm where children's fantasies flourish, unveiling whimsical adventures and heartwarming tales that capture the essence of bedtime wonder. From brave knights and kind-hearted dragons to spirited princesses and mischievous fairies, these charming stories will transport readers to a land where anything is possible. Delight in the timeless charm of "Bedtime Stories," a collection that will spark the imagination and warm the hearts of both young and old alike.

The Book of the Holy Light

The Book of the Holy Light PDF

Author: Michael Levey

Publisher: 1st World Publishing

Published: 2004

Total Pages: 212

ISBN-13: 9781595409874


LISTEN TO ITS RHYTHMS WITH AN OPEN HEART The Book of the Holy Light reveals the nature of God in the form of the Son of God. The first chapter, The Testament of the Holy Light of God, opens the framework of existence in the body of God revealing the nature of light in the embrace of unity. The book continues with The Testament of the Son of God inviting the children of light to return home to the inner space of God. The next chapter, The Twelve Transformations of the Holy Light of God, awakens the inner transformations of consciousness transmuting the children of light into the body of God. Next, The Trans-portal Matrix of Divine Grace describes the inter-connecting matrix of consciousness binding the children of light in the body of God. The book continues with The Dimensions of Light opening the multi-dimensional universe to the children of God. The next chapter, The Forms of Ascending Light, triggers the mechanisms of ascension in the consciousness of the child of light. Finally, The Circle of Ascending Light weaves a tapestry of light around the children of God connecting them to the body of God. "This is the story of light told through revelation. To appreciate it fully you must set aside your intellect and, like poetry, listen to its rhythms with an open heart." Tony Ellis, award winning poet and author of There is Wisdom in Walnuts

The Ethereal Sentinels

The Ethereal Sentinels PDF

Author: Robin Wickens

Publisher: Rob's Books

Published: 2024-05-23

Total Pages: 307



In the heart of the Ether, where realms collide and magic dances with reality, arise the Ethereal Sentinels. They are not born, but forged from the very essence of the cosmos, guardians of a delicate balance that holds the universe intact.

Bible of the Light

Bible of the Light PDF

Author: Sorin Cerin

Publisher: Sorin Cerin

Published: 2011-02-12

Total Pages: 707

ISBN-13: 1460925785


Some time ago I published The Theory of Universal Genesis in the book The Divine Light; this text became the first chapter in the Bible of the Light. It is a dialogue between myself and the Divine Light that appeared to me in a lucid dream and which inspired me to write all this.Bible of the Light is an anthology composed of several books published along the time as and new books which for the first time will be published. For many years I felt that I will receive these revelations from the Divine Light and that I will publish such a work entitled Bible of the Light.To those wishing to is heal through the holy breath of Divine Light, them I wish to they find the tranquility and peace through these pages. No matter how unhappy would be some, through Bible of the Light will understand that everything is just a passing cloud, and that the true eternal life is alongside the Divine Light that is the true God. Amen.This Bible will make the definitive peace between God and Satan, in the man soul, because Satan is the Evil without which the Good identified through God and would lose any luster. All churches of the world would disappear if would not more existed Satan! The spiritual peace between Satan and God lead for the first time to a healthy society, where the folly, pride, vanity and hypocrisy, alongside with many other evils will disappear and once with these and servants of a Good who can not understand the Evil.Here you will find out to whom and how should you pray if you necessarily want to do it. If is necessary to yourself pray or not. Who is God and what wants Him from us, but and who we are and what we want from God from inside us. Amen.