The House Next Door

The House Next Door PDF

Author: Anne Rivers Siddons

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Published: 2007-07-03

Total Pages: 370

ISBN-13: 1416553444


The house next door to the Kennedys appears to be haunted by an all-pervasive evil, and the couple watches as a succession of owners becomes engulfed by the sinister force, until the Kennedys set out to destroy the house themselves.

The House Next Door

The House Next Door PDF

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Published: 2019-01-08

Total Pages: 284

ISBN-13: 0316504394


An affair spirals out of control, a detective investigates four mysterious disappearances, and a mysterious message from space leads to a manhunt in these three electrifying thrillers from the world's #1 bestselling writer. The House Next Door (with Susan DiLallo): Married mother of three Laura Sherman was thrilled when her new neighbor invited her on some errands. But a few quick tasks became a long lunch -- and now things could go too far with a man who isn't what he seems . . . The Killer's Wife (with Max DiLallo): Four girls have gone missing. Detective McGrath knows the only way to find them is to get close to the suspect's wife . . . maybe too close. We. Are. Not. Alone. (with Tim Arnold): The first message from space will change the world. It's first contact: undeniable proof of alien life. Disgraced Air Force scientist Robert Barnett found it. Now he's the target of a desperate nationwide manhunt -- and Earth's future hangs in the balance.

The House Next Door

The House Next Door PDF

Author: P.J. Night

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Published: 2013-10-01

Total Pages: 160

ISBN-13: 1442482346


A new year means new frights for party guests at the Peterson home… It’s New Year’s Eve, and for the three Peterson sisters, that means their family’s huge bash. Their house is the perfect place for a party—if you don’t mind the drive. That’s because the Petersons live way out at the edge of town, where there are no other houses for miles…except for the old one next door that’s been abandoned for as long as anyone can remember. The Peterson girls have seen strange things going on at that house over years, but they’ve always been able to dismiss them. Until now. This New Year’s Eve, the mysteries hidden in the house want to be discovered. And they won’t be ignored any longer… This haunting tale is rated a Level 4 on the Creep-o-Meter.

The House Next Door

The House Next Door PDF

Author: John Crawley


Published: 2008-10-21

Total Pages: 428

ISBN-13: 0557019044


The House Next Door tells the story of a dysfunctional family seprated by more than thirty years, dealing with a dark secret that threatens national security. Scott Keen, a reporter, details the action in this love lost, love found again thriller. This is the first of the Scott Keen trilogy.

Mystery of the House Next Door

Mystery of the House Next Door PDF

Author: Rebecca Cole; Rebecca Frye

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Published: 2015-08-18

Total Pages: 100

ISBN-13: 1503535614


I, Julia Bradford, write this story to you the readers to tell you of the happenings of my life when my first big mystery was upon me. I was in my early twenties, a widow with a son. At least I thought I was a widow. It seemed that I was all alone in the world after my husband’s death was announced. I was eighteen then and about to have a baby. I had my son three months after the wreck that took my husband away. Later on he came back; it was about three years after the wreck occurred. I was at the wedding of a friend. Several months after my friend’s marriage, I discovered that it had happened again—I was going to have a baby. I had a girl—Cynthia Darlene. Both my children have grown up. Jeff is a surgeon like his late father. Cindy was murdered one evening at her home; she left in the world a baby and her husband. I shall tell you a small portion about my daughter’s death. It was a dark, stormy night; she was sitting on the lounge in the sitting room. She heard a noise and went into the kitchen to investigate, where she was murdered in cold blood. When she saw the thief, she screamed and the baby started crying. A neighbor heard the baby and came over to the house to find the back door open and Cindy lying on the floor dead. She called Cindy’s husband and he came home from work. I will tell you more about her death later on in the future. Right now I shall indulge to tell you about the past—my past as I solved this and many other mysteries in my hometown.

A House Next Door to Trauma

A House Next Door to Trauma PDF

Author: Judith Hassan

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: 2003

Total Pages: 322

ISBN-13: 1853028673


Judith Hassan's book discusses the kinds of demands placed on those who work with war survivors and opens up issues for others in the field of war trauma to answer in their own particular and appropriate way. A House Next Door to Trauma points to a different way of becoming a neighbour to all those who suffer extreme war experiences.

The People Next Door

The People Next Door PDF

Author: Bettye Griffin

Publisher: Kensington Books

Published: 2009-02-24

Total Pages: 372

ISBN-13: 9780758207388


Moving into a new development on the Florida waterfront, Lisa Canfield is stunned to discover that her first husband and his new family are moving in next door, and soon past mistakes, old rivalries, and vicious accusations run rampant, forcing them all to find a way to get along. Reprint.

The House of Eliott: the Anxious Years

The House of Eliott: the Anxious Years PDF

Author: Edward P. Rich

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Published: 2002-11-15

Total Pages: 404

ISBN-13: 1465330305


To his lifelong regret, Miles Bannister loses out when Evangeline Eliott the girl he loves marries his art school classmate Daniel Page. Miless millionaire father retaliates by making his son a director of The House of Eliott. From part-time illustrator, Miles and his father now became the new reality in the House. To please his father Miles proceeds to become both an engineer and a ruthless rags tycoon. Evie and Daniel leave for Paris and the bursary Daniel was awarded. Both come to espouse the liberal causes of the early thirties. As Miles flirts with the Nazis dressing their wives in clothes Evie designed, the Pages throw themselves into the international effort to save the Spanish Republic. Mr. Richs novel closes the story of The House of Eliott. Both up until the war and after, like a film noir, it is based on the real history of the nineteen thirties and the slow postwar recovery. Beatrice, her husband Jack, Evie and Daniel, Lord Alexander Montford, Penelope Maddox, Madge and Tilly, girls in the workroom, all play roles. They create one of the most endearing fashion houses in modern fiction as it survives The Anxious Years.

The House Next Door

The House Next Door PDF

Author: Anne Rivers Siddons

Publisher: Gale Cengage

Published: 2008

Total Pages: 0

ISBN-13: 9781410405531


The house next door to the Kennedys' is haunted by an all-pervasive evil, and the couple watches in horror as a succession of owners is engulfed by the same sinister force--until the Kennedys attempt to destroy the house themselves.

Folktales of India

Folktales of India PDF

Author: Brenda E. F. Beck

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Published: 1999-04-15

Total Pages: 390

ISBN-13: 0226040836


Presents approximately one hundred Indian folktales, translated from fourteen languages.