The Dying Animal

The Dying Animal PDF

Author: Philip Roth

Publisher: Vintage

Published: 2002-07-09

Total Pages: 178

ISBN-13: 037571412X


The unforgettable story of an affair between a star lecturer at a New York college and the beautiful daughter of Cuban exiles—and the quagmire of sexual jealousy and loss that ensues—from the renowned Pulitzer Prize–winning author of American Pastoral. “[A] disturbing masterpiece.” —The New York Review of Books No matter how much you know, no matter how much you think, no matter how much you plot and you connive and you plan, you’re not superior to sex. With these words our most unflaggingly energetic and morally serious novelist launches perhaps his fiercest book. The speaker is David Kepesh, white-haired and over sixty, an eminent cultural critic and star lecturer at a New York college—as well as an articulate propagandist of the sexual revolution. For years he has made a practice of sleeping with adventurous female students while maintaining an aesthete’s critical distance. But now that distance has been annihilated. The agency of Kepesh’s undoing is Consuela Castillo, the decorous and humblingly beautiful 24-year-old daughter of Cuban exiles. When he becomes involved with her, Kepesh finds himself dragged—helplessly, bitterly, furiously—into jealousy and loss. In chronicling this descent, Philip Roth performs a breathtaking set of variations on the themes of eros and mortality, license and repression, selfishness and sacrifice. The Dying Animal is a burning coal of a book, filled with intellectual heat and not a little danger.

The Breast

The Breast PDF

Author: Philip Roth

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Published: 2013-07-02

Total Pages: 64

ISBN-13: 1466846402


Philip Roth's The Breast is a funny, fantastical story and a bizarre yet daring exploration of sex and subjectivity. David Kepesh wakes up one morning in the hospital, mysteriously altered. Through an endocrinopathic catastrophe of unprecedented proportions, he has been transformed into a 155-pound human female breast. Railing at the incomprehensible, he uses his intelligence to deny and resist the thing he has become. Ultimately, he must accept his fate.

Blessing the Bridge

Blessing the Bridge PDF

Author: Rita M. Reynolds


Published: 2011-01-25

Total Pages: 0

ISBN-13: 9780939165599


Like a hospice worker, author Rita M. Reynolds cares for sick and dying animals, helping them comfortably cross the threshold into death. She shares stories about dogs, cats, a donkey, a cow, ducks, goats, and even baby wild mice she cares for as they die. Reynolds teaches basic skills in respectfully handling a dying animal, whether it's a newborn bird that's fallen from a tree or a beloved dog that is terminally ill. Her new edition includes blessings and prayers for animals, whether in the process of dying or who have already passed over. Reynolds believes in divine and angelic influences when it comes to helping animals cross over. She believes animals possess unique souls that transform into an afterlife. She even tells of seeing the spirits of dead animals and messages they bring her. Many of Reynolds' lessons are conveyed through real-life stories, where the reader witnesses how she simultaneously releases and embraces dying animals. Like The Tibetan Book of the Dead, this book has functional appeal and longevity. This book appeals to anyone grieving and looking for comfort.

Soar, My Butterfly

Soar, My Butterfly PDF

Author: Gail Pope

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published: 2015-10-13

Total Pages: 50

ISBN-13: 9781517372989


Gail Pope, founder and director of BrightHaven, a holistic animal sanctuary and hospice in northern California, created this booklet to provide both knowledge and comfort to those who are accompanying a beloved animal companion on the journey to transition. It is written as a simple guide to the specific signs and symptoms you may encounter during each stage of the actual dying process, which may begin several months before death finally occurs.

Lessons from the Dying

Lessons from the Dying PDF

Author: Rodney Smith

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Published: 1997-09-09

Total Pages: 226

ISBN-13: 0861711408


In everyday language, "Smith offers us important teachings and reflections for dealing with death and embracing life" (Jack Kornfield, author of "A Path with Heart").

Life Everlasting

Life Everlasting PDF

Author: Bernd Heinrich

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Published: 2013

Total Pages: 255

ISBN-13: 0544002261


From beetles to bald eagles, ravens to wolves, Heinrich reveals the fascinating and mostly hidden post-death world that occurs around us constantly, while examining the ancient and important role we humans, too, play as scavengers, connecting death to life. --

When She Was Good

When She Was Good PDF

Author: Philip Roth

Publisher: Vintage

Published: 2011-04-20

Total Pages: 320

ISBN-13: 0307788601


In this funny and chilling novel, the setting is a small town in the 1940s Midwest, and the subject is the heart of a wounded and ferociously moralistic young woman, one of those implacable American moralists whose "goodness" is a terrible disease. When she was still a child, Lucy Nelson had her alcoholic failure of a father thrown in jail. Ever since then she has been trying to reform the men around her, even if that ultimately means destroying herself in the process. With his unerring portraits of Lucy and her hapless, childlike husband, Roy, Roth has created an uncompromising work of fictional realism, a vision of provincial American piety, yearning, and discontent that is at once pitiless and compassionate.

The Professor of Desire

The Professor of Desire PDF

Author: Philip Roth

Publisher: Vintage

Published: 2022-09-21

Total Pages: 274

ISBN-13: 059368494X


From the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of American Pastoral—"a thoughtful...elegant" (The New York Times Book Review) and often hilarous novel about the dilemma of pleasure: where we seek it; why we flee it; and how we struggle to make a truce between dignity and desire. As a student in college, David Kepesh styles himself "a rake among scholars, a scholar among rakes." Little does he realize how prophetic this motto will be—or how damning. For as Philip Roth follows Kepesh from the domesticity of childhood into the vast wilderness of erotic possibility, from a ménage à trois in London to the throes of loneliness in New York, he creates a novel that "ranks among the major achievements in the literature of our time" (Village Voice).

Dying of the Light

Dying of the Light PDF

Author: George R. R. Martin

Publisher: Bantam

Published: 2004-09-28

Total Pages: 288

ISBN-13: 0553900978


In this unforgettable space opera, #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin presents a chilling vision of eternal night—a volatile world where cultures clash, codes of honor do not exist, and the hunter and the hunted are often interchangeable. A whisperjewel has summoned Dirk t’Larien to Worlorn, and a love he thinks he lost. But Worlorn isn’t the world Dirk imagined, and Gwen Delvano is no longer the woman he once knew. She is bound to another man, and to a dying planet that is trapped in twilight. Gwen needs Dirk’s protection, and he will do anything to keep her safe, even if it means challenging the barbaric man who has claimed her. But an impenetrable veil of secrecy surrounds them all, and it’s becoming impossible for Dirk to distinguish between his allies and his enemies. In this dangerous triangle, one is hurtling toward escape, another toward revenge, and the last toward a brutal, untimely demise. Praise for Dying of the Light “Dying of the Light blew the doors off of my idea of what fiction could be and could do, what a work of unbridled imagination could make a reader feel and believe.”—Michael Chabon “Slick science fiction . . . the Wild West in outer space.”—Los Angeles Times “Something special which will keep Worlorn and its people in the reader’s mind long after the final page is read.”—Galileo magazine “The galactic background is excellent. . . . Martin knows how to hold the reader.”—Asimov’s “George R. R. Martin has the voice of a poet and a mind like a steel trap.”—Algis Budrys

Writing Animals

Writing Animals PDF

Author: Timothy C. Baker

Publisher: Springer

Published: 2019-01-07

Total Pages: 239

ISBN-13: 3030038807


This book surveys a broad range of contemporary texts to show how representations of human-animal relations challenge the anthropocentric nature of fiction. By looking at the relation between language and suffering in twenty-first-century fiction and drawing on a wide range of theoretical approaches, Baker suggests new opportunities for exploring the centrality of nonhuman animals in recent fiction: writing animal lives leads to new narrative structures and forms of expression. These novels destabilise assumptions about the nature of pain and vulnerability, the burden of literary inheritance, the challenge of writing the Anthropocene, and the relation between text and image. Including both well-known authors and emerging talents, from J.M. Coetzee and Karen Joy Fowler to Sarah Hall, Alexis Wright, and Max Porter, and texts from experimental fiction to work for children, Writing Animals offers an original perspective on both contemporary fiction and the field of literary animal studies.