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Author: Teri -Anne

Publisher: Independently Published

Published: 2023-07-16

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Guam is and idyllic Pacific Island paradise with friendly natives. We felt fortunate to be stationed there, despite the typhoons, the wildlife, the cliffs and the mountains. After my divorce, my family left, I was faced with a few surprises, among them was an earthquake and an accident from which I had to run for my life, in company with my friend and the driver of the other vehicle, before it exploded. The road was isolated, far from help. It seemed a hopeless situation. Why had I decided to stay after my family left? There were several times I asked myself, such as after I became jobless, wondering how I would eat and afford rent. Still fortune smiled, enough for me to make it through. With friends and good company, I kept my spirits up despite all life's down turns. Could there be a happy ending to it all? Life's an adventure, a learning experience, I was yet to find out.

Flammable Cities

Flammable Cities PDF

Author: Greg Bankoff

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

Published: 2012-01-19

Total Pages: 419

ISBN-13: 0299283836


In most cities today, fire has been reduced to a sporadic and isolated threat. But throughout history the constant risk of fire has left a deep and lasting imprint on almost every dimension of urban society. This volume, the first truly global study of urban conflagration, shows how fire has shaped cities throughout the modern world, from Europe to the imperial colonies, major trade entrepôts, and non-European capitals, right up to such present-day megacities as Lagos and Jakarta. Urban fire may hinder commerce or even spur it; it may break down or reinforce barriers of race, class, and ethnicity; it may serve as a pretext for state violence or provide an opportunity for displays of state benevolence. As this volume demonstrates, the many and varied attempts to master, marginalize, or manipulate fire can turn a natural and human hazard into a highly useful social and political tool.


Conflagration PDF

Author: John A. Buehrens

Publisher: Beacon Press

Published: 2020-01-14

Total Pages: 354

ISBN-13: 080702404X


A dramatic retelling of the story of the Transcendentalists, revealing them not as isolated authors but as a community of social activists who shaped progressive American values. Conflagration illuminates the connections between key members of the Transcendentalist circle—including James Freeman Clarke, Elizabeth Peabody, Caroline Healey Dall, Elizabeth Stanton, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Theodore Parker, and Margaret Fuller—who created a community dedicated to radical social activism. These authors and activists laid the groundwork for democratic and progressive religion in America. In the tumultuous decades before and immediately after the Civil War, the Transcendentalists changed nineteenth-century America, leading what Theodore Parker called “a Second American Revolution.” They instigated lasting change in American society, not only through their literary achievements but also through their activism: transcendentalists fought for the abolition of slavery, democratically governed churches, equal rights for women, and against the dehumanizing effects of brutal economic competition and growing social inequality. The Transcendentalists’ passion for social equality stemmed from their belief in spiritual friendship—transcending differences in social situation, gender, class, theology, and race. Together, their fight for justice changed the American sociopolitical landscape. They understood that none of us can ever fulfill our own moral and spiritual potential unless we care about the full spiritual and moral flourishing of others.

Portland's Greatest Conflagration

Portland's Greatest Conflagration PDF

Author: Michael Daicy

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Published: 2010-12-05

Total Pages: 144

ISBN-13: 1614232105


On the Fourth of July in 1866, joy turned to tragedy in Portland, Maine. A boy threw a firecracker onto a pile of wood shavings and it erupted in a blaze as residents prepared to celebrate the 110th anniversary of American independence in the momentous time following the Civil War. The violent conflagration killed two people and destroyed all structures on nearly thirty streets. Authors Michael Daicy and Don Whitney, both firefighters, chronicle the day's catastrophic events, as well as the bravery of those who fought the ferocious fire, dispelling the myth that ill-trained firefighting contributed to the devastation.

Paths to Conflagration

Paths to Conflagration PDF

Author: Mayoury Ngaosyvathn

Publisher: Cornell University Press

Published: 2018-08-06

Total Pages: 279

ISBN-13: 1501732544


A reexamination of the historical relationship between Laos and Thailand, by two preeminent Lao historians who bring to light a wealth of new source material in their evaluation of the Laotian leader, Chao Anou, and his failed revolt against Siam. This book challenges conventional Thai interpretations of that event and of the political conflicts leading up to it.

The Conflagration of Community

The Conflagration of Community PDF

Author: J. Hillis Miller

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Published: 2011-09-15

Total Pages: 331

ISBN-13: 0226527220


Juxtaposes readings of books about the Holocaust with Kafka's novels and Morrison's 'Beloved', asking what it means to think of texts as acts of testimony.