Vanished PDF

Author: Nicole Morris

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Published: 2023-06-07

Total Pages: 333

ISBN-13: 1922896780


They just vanished … Disappeared. Gone. Lost. No answers. Still missing. Imagine the pain, confusion and emotional roller-coaster that families experience when a loved one goes missing. What would you do? How would your family cope? This is a heart- wrenching collection of true stories told through the eyes of family members who have experienced the trauma of a missing loved one. It follows their journeys from the desperate searches in the first days, through the Police investigations and, in many cases, the heartbreak as the years roll by without any news. These stories are just a glimpse into ten of the thousands of missing persons still out there, waiting to be found. From two young girls who might have been early victims of Ivan Milat and a woman who was last seen walking alongside a Victorial highway to a teenage boy likely murdered and fed to crocodiles in Kakadu and two Tasmanian men who disappeared under strange circumstances ... the cases are all different, but the impact on the families devastating. Nicole Morris is the founder of the Australian Missing Persons Register. She has written this book to develop awareness of the plight of the courageous families of missing persons and raise public awareness to help find those people who seem to have vanished into thin air.


Missing PDF

Author: Barry Cummins

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

Published: 2019-05-25

Total Pages: 336

ISBN-13: 0717183955


From 1950 to the present day, there have been almost 900 long-term missing people in Ireland. The equivalent of a vibrant village, all gone, vanished without a trace. Where did they go? Are they dead or still alive somewhere? How many have been murdered? How many killers have got away with their crimes? RTÉ journalist Barry Cummins has reported on the unsolved cases of Ireland's missing for decades. In this new edition of his bestselling book, he examines the latest leads and developments of Ireland's most high-profile missing cases, including the women who disappeared under eerily similar circumstances in the 1990s and whose bodies have never been found. Written with the assistance of the gardaí and the families concerned, Missing is a comprehensive and shocking account of the cases that have in turn fascinated, puzzled and horrified the Irish public. It also examines the possibility that there may be a serial killer out there who has gone to extraordinary lengths to evade justice, leaving open the possibility that they could strike again.

The Vanished People

The Vanished People PDF

Author: Ion Llewellyn Idriess

Publisher: Sydney : Angus and Robertson

Published: 1955

Total Pages: 248



Stories of the natives; description of cave paintings at Oenpelli, Kimberleys (Prince Regent River); includes Joseph Bradshaws account of paintings; tools of trade; Torres Straits Islands - mental telepathy; photos of the Great Sai - the greatest open sea stone fish trap in the world, and a frog painting in a cave on Possession Island.

Missing You

Missing You PDF

Author: Justine Ford


Published: 2012

Total Pages: 257

ISBN-13: 9781743004111


Every 15 minutes, someone in Australia goes missing. Most are found, but some have met with misadventure or murder. In an insightful, mysterious, and often emotional journey, Missing You features more than 20 of this country's most baffling cases, as well as stories of unidentified remains, abductions and suspected homicides. Here you'll find the true, in-depth stories behind this country's most worrying disappearances, with fresh insights into recent and historic cases. Missing You promises to be an investigative tool and a page-turning bestseller.

Missing, Presumed

Missing, Presumed PDF

Author: Alan Bailey

Publisher: Liberties Press

Published: 2014-12-01

Total Pages: 378

ISBN-13: 1909718971


Between 1993 and 1998, six Irish women, ranging in age from eighteen to twenty eight, disappeared. The area in which these disappearances occurred became publicly referred to as 'The Vanishing Triangle'. To date, none of the missing females have ever been located. These six unsolved cases resulted in the creation of the specialist Garda task force 'Operation Trace', set up in the hope of finding a connection between the missing women. None was found. The task force investigated dozens of unsolved cases of women gone missing in Ireland. Alan Bailey served as the National Coordinator for the task force for thirteen years, and the revealing stories in Missing, Presumedall come from his personal experiences in this role. Missing, Presumed details, and reports on, the Garda investigations into the case studies of fifteen women who disappeared over a time span of twenty years. In almost half of the cases, the women's badly mutilated bodies were recovered, sometimes months later, buried in shallow graves. Each chapter focuses on one woman's story, and details the timeline of events that led to her disappearance, beginning on the day of her disappearance through to the ensuing investigation, and up to - when lucky - a conviction. These stories are haunting, terrifying, and true. 'It is now sixteen years since Trace was established. The families and friends of both the disappeared and those whose bodies were found still await closure.'

The Missing Among Us

The Missing Among Us PDF

Author: Erin Stewart

Publisher: NewSouth

Published: 2021-03

Total Pages: 304

ISBN-13: 9781742236797


In Australia 38 000 people are reported missing each year and in the US it's over 600 000. In the UK someone is reported missing every 90 seconds. Many of these cases are never resolved. Blending long-form journalism with true crime and philosophy,The Missing Among Ustakes us from the Australian bush to the battlefields of Northern France and the perilous space of a refugee camp to explore the stories of the missing. Erin Stewart speaks to parents of missing children, former cult members, detectives and investigators, advocates working on the crisis of missing refugees, a child of the Stolen Generations and many more to trace the mysterious world of missing persons. Examining famous cases like that of Madeleine McCann to those who are lesser known yet equally loved and mourned, this unique book forces us to see the complex story behind each missing person and those they leave behind. 'The Missing Among Us will wrench your heart while it stretches your mind. Erin Stewart has undertaken a large inquiry, encompassing personal investigation, historical events, true crime, untold and untellable mysteries, while never losing sight of the emotional distress at the core of every missing person's story. This is a rare book from a gifted writer: intelligent yet poignant, enlightening yet deeply disturbing.' -- Malcolm Knox 'The Missing Among Us is illuminating, profound and wise. Stewart is a distinct new voice and her inquiry into the gaps and absences so many of us try to gloss over is intelligent, gentle and brave.' -- Anna Krien 'A deeply moving and insightful exploration of the concept of "missingness". Erin Stewart brings compassion and informed understanding to these hugely diverse stories of personal loss, resilience and advocacy.' -- Siobhán McHugh 'Nothing goes unnoticed in this beautifully written and thought-provoking exploration that will enlighten and enthral.' -- Loren O'Keeffe, founder of the Missing Persons Advocacy Network 'The Missing Among Us is instantly enthralling. Erin Stewart profiles a number of missing persons cases, deftly and confidently straddling the line between reportage and personal response. Balancing the interviewees' stories with her own thoughtful responses, Stewart paints a picture of the research process that feels inclusive of the reader, detailing her interviews with her subjects in a way that feels immediate and intimate...a fulfilling, easy read.' -- Books+Publishing


Vanished PDF

Author: James Delargy


Published: 2021-05-05

Total Pages: 496

ISBN-13: 9781398501270


From the groundbreaking author of 55 comes an extraordinary new thriller... The Kane family, Lorcan, Naiyana and their young son, relocate from Perth to Kallayee, an abandoned mining town in the Great Victoria Desert to start over again, free from their chequered past. The town seems like the perfect getaway: Peaceful. Quiet. Remote. Somewhere they won't be found. But life in Kallayee isn't quite as straightforward as they hope. There are noises in the earth, mysterious shadows and tracks in the dust as if the town is coming back to life. But the family can't leave. No one can talk sense into them. And now, no one can talk to them at all. They've simply vanished. Now it's up to Detective Emmaline Taylor to find them... before it's too late. ** Praise for Vanished ** 'Delargy manages to turn the wide-open deserted Outback into something intensely claustrophobic and chilling' Russ Thomas 'Intense, insightful and impossible to put down, Vanished is a gripping tale of greed and betrayal, burning with tension under a harsh Australian sun' Caz Frear 'Powered through this in two sittings. Vanished ratchets up the tension page after page, playing out in a perfect isolated setting with such a claustrophobic feel, and so vividly painted you could step right in' Rob Scragg 'There is menace on every page of this atmospheric thriller. An abandoned mining town in the Australian outback is the desolate - almost surreal - backdrop to a tale of a disintegrating family. Perfect for fans of The Dry' Jo Furniss, author of the Amazon Charts best-seller All The Little Children ** Praise for 55 ** 'A pulse-pounding psycho-thriller . . . splendidly-engineered plot and a masterly sense of pace allied to a haunting background make for a powerful debut' Crime Time 'A clever concept for this fast-moving debut, fleshed out with a sympathetic hero haunted by grim memories' Sunday Times Crime Club 'Brilliantly atmospheric...with a sense of menace that pervades every page. Even more impressive than 55' Kate Rhodes 'Fabulously atmospheric, a splendid slice of outback noir for fans of Jane Harper. The intricately woven plot sucks you into a hostile world and keeps you sweating until the final page' Adam Southward 'A gripping race through the bleak Australian outback to find a missing family: Vanished captivated and intrigued me from page one' Louisa De Lange 'If you liked the Dry you will like this' 'I enjoy a good psychological thriller and this was up there with the best' 'I loved this book from start to finish . . . the ending is still on my mind today' 'A real page-turner. Gets a grip on you from the start. Best book I've read in years!' 'I found it impossible to tear myself away from this small, isolated community as they stumbled into a territory more hostile and unpredictable than any place on earth. LOVED IT'


Missing PDF

Author: Barry Cummins

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan

Published: 2010-10-15

Total Pages: 256

ISBN-13: 9780717148387


They are some of Ireland's most famous names, for all the wrong reasons. They are Ireland's missing women, many of them murdered and their bodies hidden by evil killers who remain at large. They include Annie McCarrick, who was murdered in the Dublin-Wicklow mountains; Jo Jo Dullard, who was abducted and murdered while hitching a lift in Co. Kildare; and Fiona Pender, who was seven months pregnant when she was murdered and hidden at an unknown place in the midlands. And then there are Ireland's missing children. What ever happened to little Mary Boyle, last seen walking near her grandparents' home in Co. Donegal? And where is Philip Cairns, who was abducted from a Co. Dublin roadside while walking to school? With the assistance of the Gardai and the families concerned, Missing tells the stories of seven missing people five women and two children who had much to live for but were never given a chance. Missing is a disturbing book. It is also a tribute to the remarkable bravery of ordinary families who have lost a loved one in the most cruel and unexplained of circumstances.

Without Trace

Without Trace PDF

Author: Scott Bainbridge

Publisher: Penguin Books

Published: 2008

Total Pages: 224

ISBN-13: 9780143009832


In these fascinating case studies Bainbridge takes his readers on the trail of missing persons. Was Heidi Charles the second victim of a serial killer in Rotorua, New Years Eve 1976? Did notorious criminal Ronald Jorgensen die in a car crash on the Kaikoura coast in 1983 or did he fake his own death? What happened to Judith Yorke who disappeared from a party in 1992? Where is Sara Niethe, Kaikere mother of three, who left the home of friends early one morning in 2003 and has not been seen since? Sixteen of New Zealand's most baffling unsolved missing person cases spanning five decades are profiled in Without A Trace, which explores the theories, official investigations, sightings and unanswered questions that continue to frustrate police and family.

Without Trace

Without Trace PDF

Author: Barry Cummins

Publisher: Gill

Published: 2010

Total Pages: 239

ISBN-13: 9780717147915


With the assistance of the families of missing people, Barry Cummins once again investigates the case files of Ireland's Missing.