Meet the Earl at Midnight

Meet the Earl at Midnight PDF

Author: Gina Conkle

Publisher: NYLA

Published: 2023-05-11

Total Pages: 363

ISBN-13: 1641972629


The Beast captures a Beauty The reclusive Lord Edward, Earl of Greenwich, never shows his face in London Society. Gossip pages claim he’s mad, so it's no wonder Lydia Montgomery is horrified when she’s packed off to his estate for a marriage of convenience, but she’ll do anything to save her mother. Can they set each other free? Lydia would rather devote all her time to her art, but a deal’s been struck with the phantom lord—the first man who understands her need to paint. With the passage of time, an undeniable passion grows. And if love is what she wants, Lydia must unmask the man everyone believes is a beast...or lose him forever.

The First Kiss

The First Kiss PDF

Author: Daryl Chow


Published: 2018-03-07

Total Pages: 254

ISBN-13: 9780648267010


Many clients take the first step to see a psychotherapist and do not return after the first session. Why do some many clients disengage so early, when we have so much to offer? One of the key reasons is we are too focused on conducting an Intake instead of finding an engaging way to Give.You want to find ways to deepen the engagement with your clients right from the first session of therapy. The First Kiss is specifically for the discerning psychotherapist who is willing to challenge the status quo of our profession in the way we conduct our first sessions.At the forefront of coaching psychotherapists and agencies in their professional development using principles of deliberate practice, psychologist and trainer Daryl Chow, MA, Ph.D. (Psych) provides compelling and immediately applicable ways to increase your impact with your clients, so as to achieve better outcomes.By following the concepts in this book, you will discover ways to create a lasting impact with your clients right from the first contact, as well as develop a perennial framework to sustain your lifelong development plan.

Froggy's First Kiss

Froggy's First Kiss PDF

Author: Jonathan London

Publisher: Penguin

Published: 1999-12-27

Total Pages: 36

ISBN-13: 1101654732


Froggy thinks the new girl in class, Frogilina, is the cutest frog he?s ever seen. He can?t even concentrate when she?s around. When Frogilina smiles at him through the monkey bars, Froggy falls smack on his head -- bonk! A mere glance from her makes his insides all soft and wiggly, like he?s had caterpillars for breakfast. With Valentine?s Day just a week away Froggy really wants to know?could this be love??A fun-for-all, tongue-tangling, giggle-getting,?flap,? ?bonk,? ?slam? of a rousing read-aloud.??School Library Journal for Let?s Go, Froggy!

First Kiss

First Kiss PDF

Author: Marilyn Pappano

Publisher: Bantam

Published: 2008-12-18

Total Pages: 369

ISBN-13: 0307484920


An Improbable Dream At forty, Tom Flynn has reached all the lofty goals of money and success he'd dreamed of as a boy struggling to survive. The only thing left on his list: Get married! But he hasn't a clue where to find the perfect wife--or even if he can change his love-'em-and-leave-'em ways. Until he shows up at his birthday party in the small town of Bethlehem and sits across the table from beautiful, desirable Holly McBride. An Impossible Conquest Wish for me, Holly thinks silently just as Tom blows out the candles on his cake. But Bethlehem's most eligible single woman wants only a sizzling fling, not a wedding ring. She's seen up close what a disaster marriage can be, and that's one mistake she plans to avoid. But Holly hasn't counted on Tom's single-minded campaign to win her heart--or some mysterious intervention in a special town where miracles are an everyday occurrence....

From First Kiss to Forever

From First Kiss to Forever PDF

Author: Marisa T. Cohen


Published: 2016-10-20

Total Pages:

ISBN-13: 9780997806267


From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love is a fun and humorous, yet scientific, book about relationships. This book introduces the reader to relationship science. The chapters examine how people meet, select their mates, and fall in and out of love. Readers need not be a scientists to understand the information presented. Each chapter relates present-day research to everyday experiences and real relationship issues confronted by couples every day. And each ends with take home tips/questions to help the reader apply the lessons in his/her own life.Do you want to understand the science behind finding a mate, maintaining long-lasting relationships, or even what makes some relationships doomed to fail? Help your relationships grow and flourish, and have a few hearty laughs along the way.

Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss

Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss PDF

Author: Kasie West

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published: 2019-02-05

Total Pages: 400

ISBN-13: 006267580X


Fan favorite author Kasie West delivers an effervescent story about chasing your dreams and following your heart, perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Huntley Fitzpatrick. Lacey Barnes has dreamed of being an actress for as long as she can remember. So when she gets the opportunity to star in a movie alongside one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, she doesn’t hesitate to accept the part. But Lacey quickly learns that life in the spotlight isn’t as picture perfect as she imagined. She’s having trouble bonding with her costars, her father has hired the definition of a choir boy, Donavan Lake, to tutor her, and somewhere along the way she’s lost her acting mojo. And just when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, it looks like someone on set is deliberately trying to sabotage her. As Lacey’s world spins out of control, it feels like the only person she can count on—whether it’s helping her try to unravel the mystery of who is out to get her or snap her out of her acting funk—is Donavan. But what she doesn’t count on is this straight-laced boy becoming another distraction. With her entire future riding on this movie, Lacey knows she can’t afford to get sidetracked by a crush. But for the first time in her life Lacey wonders if it’s true that the best stories really do happen when you go off script.

Book 4: First Kiss

Book 4: First Kiss PDF

Author: Lea Taddonio

Publisher: ABDO

Published: 2016-12-15

Total Pages: 51

ISBN-13: 1624022553


Lola Jones is head over heels for her new boyfriend, C.J Kline. But she's keeping a secret from him. She has never kissed anyone. Aligned to Common Core standards and correlated to state standards. Spellbound is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO.

The Very First Kiss

The Very First Kiss PDF

Author: Guido van Genechten

Publisher: Clavis

Published: 2023-09-15

Total Pages: 0

ISBN-13: 9781605379579


Kisses can make you feel warm and tingly, they can make you feel a tickle all the way down to your toes, they can make your heart beat faster and they can make you feel like you're flying. Giving a kiss might not be the only way to show affection, but it sure is one of the best! But who started it? You'll find the answer to this important question in this enchanting picture book for smoochers ages 3 years and up.

The First Kiss Hypothesis

The First Kiss Hypothesis PDF

Author: Christina Mandelski

Publisher: Entangled: Crush

Published: 2017-11-06

Total Pages: 277

ISBN-13: 1640633561


Nora Reid believes scientific laws control everything, even love. With her grandparents’epic first kiss story cemented in her brain, Nora develops a hypothesis she’s determined to prove:for each person in the world, there is exactly one other person, and at first kiss, they’ll experience an immediate and intense reaction. But after four years of zero-reaction kisses, she comes up with a new theory: maybe that pesky crush on her stunningly hot best friend Eli Costas is skewing her results. She needs to get rid of him, and fast. Eli Costas is an injury-prone lacrosse star with a problem—the one chance he had at winning over the girl next door resulted in the most epically sucktastic first kiss ever. And now she’s...trying to get rid of him? Hell no. It’s time to disprove her theory and show her exactly what she’s missing. Game. On. Disclaimer: This book contains a stunningly hot lacrosse player who isn’t above playing dirty to win over the stubborn girl-next-door of his dreams. Each title in the First Kiss Hypothesis series is STANDALONE: * The First Kiss Hypothesis * Love and Other Secrets

Love At First Kiss

Love At First Kiss PDF

Author: Olivia T Turner


Published: 2020-05-04

Total Pages: 98



It was only supposed to be one night.A thousand dollars to pretend to be Nolan Cline's girlfriend.How could I say no to that?I was probably the only virgin escort on the planet, but Mr. Cline didn't have to know about my lack of experience for the job.All I had to do was hang onto his arm, smile, and look presentable to the rich CEO billionaire's friends and coworkers.It was all great until I saw the possessive and territorial look in Nolan's eyes when he first spotted me in my red dress...Then, I knew that there wouldn't be any pretending between us.It started in the limo... it continued at the gala... until we were so consumed with need for each other that I ended up looking anything but presentable.I might have been the first virgin escort on the planet at the start of the date... But I definitely won't be by the end of it.After one look at his pretend date, Nolan Cline shows Arya just how much of an Over-The-Top possessive alpha he really is. SAFE, no cheating, and a sweet HEA that will have you grinning and blushing! Enjoy!