Marriage by Law

Marriage by Law PDF

Author: Pockett

Publisher: Blvnp Incorporated

Published: 2016-10-05

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ISBN-13: 9781680307597


"Marrying a total stranger? I'd rather eat seafood for the rest of my life." What happens when two complete strangers are thrown into an arranged marriage they don't want? All hell breaks loose. Ivory Hiddleberg, born to a long line of entrepreneurs, is in a sticky situation. As the first girl born in the family for over five generations, she was expected to do one thing: to marry into the influential Quartz family. To honour an age-old deal made by her great-great grandfather, she was set to marry Darius Quartz, CEO of a multi-billionaire company. Deadly handsome but cold as ice, she knew he could never give her the happiness she deserves. But with parents hell-bent on making the deal a reality in hopes of preventing competition between their businesses, they couldn't do anything. So marry him she did. Six months later, Ivory finds herself bored to death. With her stranger of a husband gone for business training abroad, nothing much has changed. That is, until Darius returns. Add Ivory's cheating ex-boyfriend, her hilariously loyal best friend, and Darius' insane cousin to the picture, and her life just becomes more interesting than attending her French lessons. Will she come through? Will they ever learn to accept their relationship? Will love come after marriage? Grab this funny, romantic novel full of fun, joy, insanity, and most of all, love. Get your copy now.

Common Law Marriage

Common Law Marriage PDF

Author: Goran Lind

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: 2008-09-02

Total Pages: 1246

ISBN-13: 0199710538


The extraordinary recent increase in rates of cohabitation and non-marital birth presents a major challenge to traditional family law principles, and the legal rules governing cohabitation are thus among the most hotly contested areas of family law and policy today. In many nations, courts, legislatures, and law-reform bodies are "reinventing" common law marriage, seemingly without any sense of its history, doctrinal development, or limitations. The current law surrounding common law marriage is extremely complex. Professor Göran Lind has undertaken the demanding task of writing the most well-researched text on this topic to date. Separated into three Parts, Common Law Marriage covers the origins of the doctrine, its legal aspects in modern America, and the future of cohabitation law across the globe and in the 11 American jurisdictions that currently recognize common law marriage. It provides a cultural and historical history of the subject, from Ancient Roman Law to Medieval Canon Law, and analyzes over 2,000 American cases which have utilized the doctrine. This timely book is an excellent resource for scholars, legislators, and policymakers who are interested in the complex legalities of common law marriage.

California Marriage Law

California Marriage Law PDF

Author: Charles Edward Sherman


Published: 2001

Total Pages: 140



Completely updated to cover recent legal changes, this latest edition includes explanations of California’s marriage laws, sample prenuptial and marriage contracts, and advice on the legal rights of unmarried couples.

Religion and Marriage Law

Religion and Marriage Law PDF

Author: Russell Sandberg

Publisher: Policy Press

Published: 2021-07

Total Pages: 164

ISBN-13: 1529212804


Successive governments have made progressive, but ad hoc reforms to marriage law in Britain. This book provides the first accessible guide to how contemporary marriage law interacts with religion. It reveals the need for the consolidation, modernisation and reform of marriage law and sets out proposals for transformation.

Minimizing Marriage

Minimizing Marriage PDF

Author: Elizabeth Brake

Publisher: OUP USA

Published: 2012-03-15

Total Pages: 251

ISBN-13: 0199774137


This book addresses fundamental questions about marriage in moral and political philosophy. It examines promise, commitment, care, and contract to argue that marriage is not morally transformative. It argues that marriage discriminates against other forms of caring relationships and that, legally, restrictions on entry should be minimized.

Making It Legal

Making It Legal PDF

Author: Frederick Hertz

Publisher: Nolo

Published: 2018-04-30

Total Pages: 248

ISBN-13: 1413325092


It is the most up to date and complete guide to the past, present, and future of same-sex relationships that exists.

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality PDF

Author: William N. Eskridge, Jr.

Publisher: Yale University Press

Published: 2020-08-18

Total Pages: 1041

ISBN-13: 0300221819


The definitive history of the marriage equality debate in the United States, praised by Library Journal as "beautifully and accessibly written. . . . An essential work.” As a legal scholar who first argued in the early 1990s for a right to gay marriage, William N. Eskridge Jr. has been on the front lines of the debate over same‑sex marriage for decades. In this book, Eskridge and his coauthor, Christopher R. Riano, offer a panoramic and definitive history of America’s marriage equality debate. The authors explore the deeply religious, rabidly political, frequently administrative, and pervasively constitutional features of the debate and consider all angles of its dramatic history. While giving a full account of the legal and political issues, the authors never lose sight of the personal stories of the people involved, or of the central place the right to marry holds in a person’s ability to enjoy the dignity of full citizenship. This is not a triumphalist or one‑sided book but a thoughtful history of how the nation wrestled with an important question of moral and legal equality.

A Troubled Marriage

A Troubled Marriage PDF

Author: Leigh Goodmark

Publisher: NYU Press

Published: 2012

Total Pages: 264

ISBN-13: 0814732224


Brave, humane, and generous . . . still he was only a brave, humane, and generous rebel; curse on his virtues, they've undone this country. --Member of British Parliament Lord North, upon hearing of General Richard Montgomery's death in battle against the British At 3 a.m. on December 31, 1775, a band of desperate men stumbled through a raging Canadian blizzard toward Quebec. The doggedness of this ragtag militia--consisting largely of men whose short-term enlistments were to expire within the next 24 hours--was due to the exhortations of their leader. Arriving at Quebec before dawn, the troop stormed two unmanned barriers, only to be met by a British ambush at the third. Amid a withering hale of cannon grapeshot, the patriot leader, at the forefront of the assault, crumpled to the ground. General Richard Montgomery was dead at the age of 37. Montgomery--who captured St. John and Montreal in the same fortnight in 1775; who, upon his death, was eulogized in British Parliament by Burke, Chatham, and Barr; and after whom 16 American counties have been named--has, to date, been a neglected hero. Written in engaging, accessible prose, General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution chronicles Montgomery's life and military career, definitively correcting this historical oversight once and for all.

The Canon Law of Marriage and the Family

The Canon Law of Marriage and the Family PDF

Author: John McAreavey

Publisher: Four Courts PressLtd

Published: 1997

Total Pages: 254

ISBN-13: 9781851823567


This work has three parts: the first deals with the substantive law on marriage; the second deals with procedures, such as nullity procedures and procedures for the dissolution of marriage; the final part deals with issues of family. The author is the bishop of Dromore.