Curse of the Salute

Curse of the Salute PDF

Author: Anastacia Moore


Published: 2017-11-09

Total Pages: 166

ISBN-13: 9781538053386


Haunting and adventure on the often treacherous waters of the Pacific Ocean on board the commercial fishing vessel Salute. Dick Frank and his father Charles are tuna fishermen. They are about to encounter the consequences often rarely spoken aloud by fishermen when superstitions are ignored. Do you have the courage to step aboard the Salute? Pack up your nerve and your duffel. Leave behind your nerve and your sanity as you will surely lose both on the Salute.

Relating Continents

Relating Continents PDF

Author: Romana Radlwimmer

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

Published: 2023-10-02

Total Pages: 330

ISBN-13: 3110796422


During early modern European expansion, America emerged as dynamic meeting ground, continuously forging multidirectional global encounters. Relating Continents dismisses the semantics of ‘encounter’ which, in the politics of naming, euphemistically substitutes invasive violence, but invests in the notion’s dimension as an enactment of literary, cultural, and social relations, fusing people, goods, texts, artifacts, ideas, and senses of belonging. Understanding the practice of relating as both connecting and narrating, this anthology investigates the linking of continents in Romance literary and cultural history, as well as the tales of entanglement produced in the process. The contributors revisit the worldwide impact of distant or in-person negotiations between conquerors and local actors; they assess how colonial interventions shift hemispheric native networks, and they examine the ties between America, Africa, and Asia. By doing so, they prove the global constitution of early modern Spanish and Portuguese American literatures, their historical and cultural contexts, and their long-lasting legacies.